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The typical taste of the Flemish shrimp, including the Zeebrugge variety, arises because of the freshness and the fast production: the catch arrives at the port within 24 hours. The Zeebrugge fishermen catch the shrimps between Zeebrugge and the Dutch peninsula Walcheren. Because of the shrimps being cooked with seawater directly on sight they get their crispness and a slightly spicy taste.

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De Koninck

De Koninck is a Belgian beer. The beer has been brewed since 1833 on the border between Antwerp and Berchem. A hand is displayed on the logo of the beers and on the crown caps. The hand relates to the 15th-century Antwerp legend about Silvius Brabo. The amber colored De Koninck beer is served in a typical round glass: a bolleke. For this reason, De Koninck is also called a bolleke.



Strawberries are not true berries. The fleshy and edible part of the fruit is merely a receptacle. They are grown in many regions in Belgium, but none are as shiny red, smooth and juicy as the ones grown around Antwerp. Strawberries come in many varieties that are equally delicious. The Belgian version is the tastiest between June and September.

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